5 birthday wishes in Ariana Grande style but with rhymes!


It’s time to celebrate with Ariana’s vibe, A birthday that’s sweet, fun, and alive! With her catchy tunes and angelic voice, Here are 5 birthday wishes, rhymes, and all, to rejoice!

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1. Happy birthday, my sweetener, May your day be filled with love that’s cleaner, Like Ariana’s songs, so sweet and pure, Wishing you a day that’s full of allure!

2. Hey there, birthday bae, you’re my moonlight, May your day be sparkly, shining so bright, Just like Ariana’s style, trendy and chic, Wishing you a birthday that’s simply unique!


3. Happy birthday, my dangerous woman, May your day be fierce, like a fire that’s burnin’, With confidence and strength, you slay the stage, Here’s to a year that’s full of courage and rage!

4. To my birthday diva, you’re a queen, Rockin’ your fashion, always so keen, May your day be fabulous, just like Ari’s style, Wishing you a birthday that makes you smile!

5. Happy birthday, my thank u, next, May your day be filled with love and respect, Like Ariana’s songs, empowering and bold, Here’s to a birthday that’s worth its weight in gold!

Remember to infuse your birthday wishes with Ariana Grande’s signature style, which includes sweetness, confidence, and empowerment. Let the rhymes add a playful and fun touch to your message, and make the recipient feel special on their birthday, Ariana-style!

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